Saturday, January 25, 2014

Acronymanic Enlightenment

FOSG+FOC: Formula One Strategy Group+ Formula One Commission have
created a number of rather complex rule changes for 2014, several of which have been translated into acronyms (pronounceable words formed from the initial letters of names), a kind of linguistic shorthand intended to lessen the likelihood of a SNAFU.

The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) that powered automobiles for well  over 100 years,
and F1 cars since the series began in 1950, is henceforth to be known as a Power Unit (PU),
which is comprised of six separate elements.
PUE: Power Unit Elements...

ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
MGU-K: Motor Generator Unit - Kinetic
MGU-H: Motor Generator Unit - Heat
ES: Energy Store
TC: Turbocharger
CE: Control Electronics

NTDFC: New Testing Definitions For Cars
Acronymanic enlightenment has also been issued to clarify what kinds of cars are allowed to be tested...
TCC: Testing of Current Cars
TPC: Testing of Previous Cars
THC: Testing of Historic Cars
PE: Promotional Events

ALWF: And Lest We Forget, here is a review of the complex acronymanic gestation of
DRS: Drag Reduction System...

A brainwave of the OWG (Overtaking Working Group) - a branch of the TRWG (Technical Regulations Working Group) consisting of some high tech boffins from FOTA (Formula One Teams'Association) - the DRS (Drag Reduction System) was known variously as MRW (Moveable Rear Wing), ARW (Adjustable Rear Wing) and RFA (Rear Flap Adjuster), before the FIA (Federation Internationale de L'Automobile) last year officially designated it DRS. Previously, an experiment with APE (Artificial Performance Enhancers) in the form of DAB (Driver Adjustable Bodywork) called FFA (Front Flap Adjuster) was a flop.

(SNAFU: Situation Normal All ****** Up)

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